Chevrolet aveo 2007 mileage

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Used Chevrolet Aveo Change Vehicle. The Chevrolet Aveo is basic transportation at best, with unimpressive acceleration, clumsy handling and the driving position is not ideal. However, the interior offers acceptable room for this class. There are 2 recalls on this vehicle. Learn More.

See All. Owner Satisfaction. Crash and Rollover Tests. Road Test Results. Performance Performance. Acceleration Acceleration Acceleration tests are conducted on a smooth, flat pavement straightaway at the track.

The time in seconds that a vehicle takes to reach 60 mph from a standstill with the engine idling. Transmission Transmission Transmission performance is determined by shifting smoothness, response, shifter action, and clutch actuation for manual transmissions.

Fuel Economy Fuel Economy We perform our own fuel-economy tests, independent of the government's often-quoted EPA figures and the manufacturers' claims. Using a precise fuel-flow measuring device spliced into the fuel line, we run two separate circuits to represent city and highway consumption. CR's Overall Mileage CR's Overall Mileage CR's overall mileage is a composite of measured fuel usage on a prescribed city course and highway cruising; and CR's mile test trip of mixed driving, if tested.

In recent road tests, we've discontinued the mile trip test. Braking Braking The braking rating is a composite of wet and dry stopping distances and pedal feel. Braking distance is from 60 mph, with no wheels locked. Emergency Handling Emergency Handling Several factors go into the rating, including the avoidance maneuver speed and confidence, as well as how the vehicle behaves when pushed to its limit. Ride Ride Our expert judgment of how well the suspension isolates and absorbs road imperfections and how steady it keeps the body on various road surfaces.This page is for personal, non-commercial use.

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Thanks for that. And thanks for reading Autoblog. Click image for a gallery of 52 photos With cars, first impressions carry a lot of influence. Bad first impression? Then it's on to the next candidate. But when a car connects at that first meeting, you're inclined to hang around a bit to see what else it has to offer.

And so goes the story of my time with the Chevy Aveo. To say that personally-held expectations regarding the rebadged Daewoo were low would be understating the matter. The previous generation, despite being a strong seller for GM, was stylistically uninspiring, and it would not have been the least bit surprising to find more of the same in the new one. Upon taking delivery of Autoblog's shiny blue loaner, we were taken aback. The Aveo, you see, makes quite a good first impression.

That said, the restyling it has undergone for the model year is very effective. The bland anonymity of the 1st-gen Aveo has been replaced by a new look that clearly and effectively defines it as a Chevy. It's definitely more attractive than its hometown remember, the Aveo's Korean rival, the Hyundai Accent. A chrome split-bar grille wears a prominent bowtie, clearly establishing the Aveo as a Chevy.

Large headlights that sport a familial shape think Cobalt flank it, and the rest of the fascia is an all-body-color affair that ends with three cutouts below the bumper. Continuing the walkaround, the car's side profile is pretty generic.

chevrolet aveo 2007 mileage

Bulging wheel flares and an accent line that runs along the upper part of the body from the headlights to the taillamps help keep the car from looking overly slab-sided despite its high beltline.

A second line runs along the lower half of the doors. There's no rub strip, interestingly enough. Cheap-looking black plastic inserts take the place of proper glass in the after portion of the rear windows, and the car's inch five-spoke alloys look tiny against the rest of the body. The car's thick C-pillar extends deep into the rear decklid, and the tail end of the Aveo is dominated by a pair of oversized, tunerrific Altezza-style clear lamps, which are connected by a chrome accent strip like the ones seen on the rumps of numerous other Chevrolets.

Opening the door to inspect the Aveo's interior is another eyebrow-raising experience. The test car was outfitted with a very pleasant-looking tan cabin. The leatherette made them look more expensive than they actually were, and the neutral color is also used on the doors and … Hide Full Review. Engine 1.

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Sedan 2. Trim LS 2. SVM 1. Quick Specs. Engine Gas 4-Cylinder, 1. EPA Class Compact. Style Name 4dr Sdn LS. Drivetrain Front Wheel Drive. Passenger Capacity 5. Passenger Doors 4. Body Style 4dr Car.

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Transmission Transmission, 5-speed manual. Dimensions Vehicle. EPA Classification Compact. Base Curb Weight lbs Front Hip Room in Front Leg Room in Second Shoulder Room in Second Head Room in Front Shoulder Room in Second Hip Room in Front Head Room in Second Leg Room in Wheelbase in It was originally marketed as the Daewoo Kalos and prominently marketed as the Aveo. The model received the T internal codes during the car's development.

The T code was designated for the model's facelift. In several Asian, Australasian, and European export markets, the "Daewoo Kalos" name was also used, only to be later renamed "Chevrolet Aveo" or Holden Barina in the case of Australasia.

In Indonesia this generation sold in 3 names, "Chevrolet Aveo" for hatchback, "Chevrolet Kalos" for sedan and sedan for taxi fleet as "Chevrolet Lova". T's successor, the T was released in In addition, the release of the Pontiac Wave5 is also very relevant to determine the difference of production years and production model names.

Under development before Daewoo's bankruptcy, the Kalos was the company's first new model introduction following its subsequent takeover by General Motors. During this three-year development period Daewoo was struggling financially, with the ultimate fate of the company and the concept vehicle remaining uncertain.

Two different T front-end styling designs were sold. When released inthe T headlamps were detached from the horizontal amber turn signal strip, located directly below. This detached style, used primarily in South Korea and North America, was used in conjunction with a semi-elliptical grille.

When sales in Europe began inthe headlights were an integrated unit that slanted upwards from the "V-shaped" grille towards the front fenders. In Australia, when the Daewoo Kalos was introduced inthe hatchback featured the integrated lighting arrangement, with the detached style used to differentiate the sedans. In South Korea, where the detached lights were used at first, the integrated design was later utilized as a facelift.

The T sedan and five-door hatchback featured a swage line running along the lower body to the rear door, which kinks downward prominently on the five-door. Interiors feature a circular motif throughout. Upon introduction the initial European models carried an emblem reading "Design Giugiaro.

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The Kalos was sold in three available body styles: a 4-door sedan and 5-door hatchback from the beginning of production inand a 3-door hatchback available in certain European markets beginning in All body styles meet North American subcompact and European supermini or B-segment size classifications. The interior volume was Headroom was unmatched in its class at the time of its introduction.

Daewoo's now disbanded Worthing Technical Centre in the UK conducted the initial research and platform engineering, with Daewoo's main Technical Center in BupyongIncheon, South Korea completing the majority of the later development programme.

The front suspension used MacPherson struts with offset coil springs and a stabilizer bar, while the rear featured a semi-independent torsion beam axle. The body featured a drag coefficient of 0. Rear seat H-points are higher in all body types, giving the car theatre seating. The Aveo has generally not been rated highly by consumer agencies and automotive reviewers. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported in that "The Aveo does poorly in IIHS crash tests and receives the second lowest score of Marginal in roof strength, side impact and rear crash tests.

It receives a higher score of Acceptable in front offset tests.But even before record gas prices Chevrolet was quietly selling every one of its Korean-made Aveo subcompacts it could import.

When out the the Aveo sedan has been redesigned from head to tail.

chevrolet aveo 2007 mileage

But given so many new rivals, will the new Aveo get lost in the crowd? GM clearly understood this when they redesigned the second generation, Daewoo-built Chevrolet Aveo Sedan. The new eye-catching shell is defined by inflated forms accented with chiseled character lines. The chrome trimmed grille, and gold Chevy bowtie are flanked by wide-eye headlamp clusters. Body-colored mirrors and door handles contribute to a solid and uniform look from front to rear.

Fourteen-inch wheels are standard, while inch alloy wheels come standard on our upgraded LT. Longer, wider, and taller than before, wheelbase is unchanged at So, while the Aveo Sedan is not as cute as rivals Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris, it does look far more substantial and upscale.

Providing power is a 1. Enhanced by an electronic throttle control that was added last year, output is a modest horsepower and pound-feet of torque.

2007 Chevrolet Aveo MPG

The quarter mile timed in at A 5-speed manual transmission is standard on the front-drive Aveo. Our tester came equipped with the optional Aisin four-speed automatic transmission with Hold Control Mode. Shifts were long and slow, but smooth. But what about the big question. How efficient is the new Aveo? Well, it delivers pretty good mileage, at least on paper. Unfortunately, during our test we managed only 26 miles per gallon on Regular gas.

In our recent survey of seven subcompacts, it was the second lowest of the group. Slow speed handling is easy and responsive, aided by light-effort rack-and-pinion steering.

But true to its class, as speeds increase, lots of safe understeer comes into play that urges you to slow down. The front MacPherson struts and rear semi-independent torsion beam grants a predictable and planted driving experience. Soft springs do induce body roll, but it was well within control. Stopping power comes from vented front disc and rear drum brakes.

Average stops were a long at feet from to-0 but with little fade. We suggest ordering the ABS. Off the track, however, the Aveo redeems itself somewhat with a great ride. It is the best of the new crop of subcompacts, being both smooth and amazingly quiet. And comfortable. A two-tone scheme and available luxury touches like wood grain trim lend it a richer larger car appearance. Stylish gauges, small seams, and large rotary controls punctuate the stylish dash. Options include a power sunroof but no side-curtain airbags.

The trunk has also grown, and can now swallow The subcompact Chevrolet Aveo was introduced in the model year and redesigned for The Aveo produces respectable gas mileage ratings, with highway ratings of 34 miles per gallon MPG for manual transmission-equipped models. The Chevy Aveo is available in both four-door shown above and five-door configurations. All models are fitted with a 1. We spent a week with the hatchback version and came away with some interesting observations.

Check out our Chevy Aveo5 Review :. The Aveo was replaced by the Sonic in the model year. With a lighter curb weight than the Cruze, the Sonic delivers better performance and gas mileage than the Aveo. The Sonic is available with the fuel-efficient 1. Note: the EPA tweaked their testing procedure, starting with the model year, with the end result being that the MPG estimates are now lower than previous years.

As always, YMMV. Thats including some fast, agressive driving also. My mother also has one of these, a automatic, the main reason why I decided on one. I wonder who paid the EPA to change the mileage numbers?

I have been ripped off. I just purchased a used 07 Aveo 5 manual with miles on it. My best friend owns an 07 sedan auto and has achieved 44 mpg on the interstate. Have owned an 06 5 speed manual Aveo for about a year now and if I keep it under 65mph on the hwy I get 42 mpg every time, never got below 35mpg comibined hwy and city driving.

Overall very pleased with vehicle.

Chevrolet Aveo LT 1.6 VGIS T250 2006 - Real-life review

My mother has an 07 and the best mpg she has seen was 27 on the highway, she is very disappointed with the car. I was just wondering what kind of problems the Aveo had i am thinking about buying one Any comment will be appreaciated thanks. Kevin: I have one question for you. In other words, City MPG will vary. The more time you spend not moving, stuck in traffic, or at lights, or stopping and going, the worse you MPG will be. City mileage will always be a mixed bag with conventional vehicles.

An idling car wastes fuel, pure and simple. Most hybrids have the capability to shut down their gasoline engines while at a stop. This saves a considerable amount of fuel.

Stop-start can be a bit startling at first, but you soon become accustomed to it. I had an 07 aveo that did the same thing. The plastic lining in mine was a little loose so it made a whistling noise when I hit high speeds. I just epoxied it down and it stopped. Which is kinda close to what the EPA stickers said. Kevin — Man I hate to tell you this but I get that mileage now in my Ranger 4. You would think a Aveo would get much better mileage than that?

I own a 5 gear aveo5 and I find its not very good on gas in town. In town I average 10 to 11 liters for km driving it normally.

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On the Hi way I can get km on a full tank at speeds of 90 to kph. At kph i get to km on a full tank. All I can say is why do thy call the engine echo tech?Used Chevrolet Aveo for Sale 3.

Overall Rating.

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Track Price Check Availability. Owner Reviews. By Rating. Aveo Owner. Overall 3.

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I bought the Chevrolet Aveo more for financial reasons, and less because I liked the car a lot. The car has a 2. The gas mileage is excellent about 38 MPG on the freeway. There are no bells or whistles. No power windows or locks. No CD player although it does include an input for a phone or music player. No cruise control, or any performance information on the dash. Just a plain and simple car for someone who needs to get somewhere, and doesn't have much money to spend.

The car itself is very compact and fits into any tight spot. Surprisingly, the car feels a lot bigger and roomier when you're inside it.

I remember sliding off the road and having to dig my little car out of the snow. The lightness of the car helped get it out of the snow and back onto the road. I loved the gas mileage.

With almost 38 MPG on the freeway and closer to 30 on streets, this car saved me a lot of money on gas.

Chevrolet Aveo Mileage

The car is pretty responsive and can handle sharp turns. It's kind of fun zipping around in this little car through traffic. I haven't needed too many repairs on the car aside from the transmissionwhich leads me to believe that it's pretty solidly built.

chevrolet aveo 2007 mileage

The price of the car was perfect for what I needed at the time. Not a lot of really special details about this car, but it's not supposed to have them. This is a car you drive to work if you have a pretty lon This is a car you drive to work if you have a pretty long commute, and need to save money.

I've put aboutmiles on this car and it's still in pretty good shape.

chevrolet aveo 2007 mileage

The insides are put together pretty simply, so repair on this car hasn't been very difficult. You get what you pay for. There are no power locks on this car, which makes the act of locking and unlocking your car turn into a real annoyance over time.

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