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Lyrics of Sex Playlist by Vedo. Rock me, baby 2 AM, one thing on my mind Candlelight, kissing you until our love combine 3 AM, now that we're aligned Get you right, I'ma miss my flight if you stay the night All alone, take it slow, feel my love below Take my time loving you, feel your water flow Lay your head upon my chest and feel my heart before we start Girl, can you repeat, baby, rewind?

Slow it down, can we freeze time? Fast forward, baby, track nine Different position for every song I play I know that this your favorite song Girl, your body told me so You don't have to say a word Sex playlist One hour and thirty minutes of showers Girl, when I'm in it With this sex playlist A little bit of that, a little bit of this A little bit of sweat, a little bit of silk A little bit of Teddy Girl, I hope you're ready A little bit of G Girl, what's in those jeans?

Trust me, I know just what to play Enjoy my sex playlist Couldn't have been a more perfect time For this song to come on Girl, it won't be much longer Sitting her watching you undress is satisfying.

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"Girls Need Love (V-Mix)" lyrics

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No More - Vedo: Translations and Lyrics. Sex Playlist - Vedo: Translations and Lyrics. Lions - Dire Straits: Translations and Lyrics.

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Until today you have improved.Oh no, noooo I can't lie, I can tell you're a jaded baby wipe your eyes Don't let him see that he got the best of you Girl I'll take the rest of you Look, I gotta question for you Is it worth it? Real love, do you think you deserve it?

Cut him off go and find your purpose And get you a nigga that's solid personally I'll do more than to support your dreams Baby get you a me It's time to boss up Fix ya credit, girl get at it Get ya bag up Hit that gym and get back fine Go get that degree, go girl Focus on me Unlock potential that you didn't know you had in you Fuck that nigga Ay! Oh yea, it's time to mix it up And get ya glow girl I know that you gon get it You got so much Don't let nobody tell you that's it's over I want you to know that girl You got it, you got it Oh yea yea yea You got it, you got it Oh yea yea yea Yea, you my Lil baby I'm gon make it known Let that nigga hate girl What is he gon do Get back your honor It's cool I know you stayed down Girl fuck that drama If it ain't bout dat money bounce You know you the shit I don't even gotta say yay I know you gon win shawty You just gotta play yay Girl I'm gon let you know you got it Every chance that I get don't you doubt it No I'm not perfect but I Promise I'm worth it Girl you know you deserve it Stop playing It's time to boss up Fix ya credit, girl get at it Get ya bag up Hit that gym and get back fine Go get that degree, go girl Focus on me Unlock potential that you didn't know you had in you Fuck that nigga Ay!

Oh yea, it's time to mix it up And get ya glow girl I know that you gon get it You got so much Don't let nobody tell you that it's over I want you to know that girl You got it, yeah you got it oh yeah Oh yea yea yea You got it, you got it right now Oh yea yea yea talk yo shit Yea, ya my Lil baby I'm gon make it known I'm gon make it known Let that nigga hate girl What is he gon do Oh yea It's time to mix it up And get ya glow girl I know that you gon get it You got so much Don't let nobody tell you that it's over I want you to know that girl You got it.

Submit Corrections. Lyrics licensed by.Do you remember girl what we had, I was your first and still cool wit cha dad Do you remember girl late nights watching movies on my sofa everything was kosher Even before you went away to school.

Yes I was mad at you, but you were still my boo I remember late nights talking on the phone You get upset, hang up I call you back, know that get to me Only nigga never did you wrong I know, you got a man But he don't know the history I can still pull up on ya parents Pictures still on the fireplace Girl I miss you and its apparent I know I got a girl, but you're still my baby You were my, you were my baby That's alright girl and its driving me crazy Even though we use to argue argue We got something special oh!

I know its been a minute, but baby we ain't finished You will always be my boo Do you remember boy The first day that we met Cause I remember Do you remember boy The way you looked at me Had me all smiling, feelings so differently You know you still make me laugh Cant nobody do that Or even come close To still miss the days Where I use to come hold you I still miss yo mama cooking I see you on instagram know you be looking I know you be lurking and inside I'm hurting I'm still the same person but still out here searching For what we had, I could never duplicate that Just thinking back to when you were my baby You were my baby you were my And its driving me crazy Even though we used to argue know we use to We got something special oh!

I know its been a minute, but baby we ain't finished You will always be my boo Do you remember girl Who put that nigga in his place On my mama, I don't play about my bae Yes I remember boy You will protect me and you will never let me get hurt I don't want nobody lying to you I don't want nobody crying to you or breaking down to you Well you don't have to worry because what we had is so much deeper Girl you remember from the bed to the floor, to the shower They was knocking bout a hour Yes I remember, but what the point of reminiscing when I cant even have what I've been missing True, but she might have my time But you always gonna have my heart And you gonna have my heart too And I'ma always love you And I will never put no one above you You were my baby, you were my baby And that's alright girl, and its driving me crazy Even though we used to argue argue We got something special I know its been a minute but baby we ain't finished, You will always be my boo.

vedo you got it lyrics clean

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vedo you got it lyrics clean

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vedo you got it lyrics clean

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